5 Reasons Every Beauty Lover Should Visit Spectrum, Carnaby Street


The Brushes


If you aren’t already familiar with Spectrum brushes, you are missing out. They are high quality brushes that can usually be brought in collections, which are themed and always stunning.

In the store you can see and feel the brushes in person – pictures don’t always do them justice! You can buy them in the collection sets and buy the individual brushes also.

Pictured above is The Bomb Shell brushes and their clam bag, which also includes a chain to double as a handbag. I also own the Glam Clam Collection, which I’ve previously reviewed here.

I would encourage you go to Spectrum’s Instagram page to see their other collections. (I will not be held accountable for any sore bank accounts after seeing these beauties).

The Aesthetic


The whole store is intensely aesthetic. Both the interior and exterior is colour themed with the millennial pink (which made their brand, with their first Glam Clam brush collection) and deep emerald greens.


With marble emerald tables, plants and soft lighting. I felt like I’d died and arrived in interior design heaven.

The Coffee Shop Upstairs


Above the store itself, is their own coffee shop.

Fitting in with the vegan ethos of their own brushes, all of the milk selections were vegan. I opted for oat milk.

I was delighted when my coffee arrived with a girl boss cocoa powder topping. The coffee itself also has a pink colouring. So apart from some pretty impressive latte art, this definitely hits the list of most instagrammable coffees.


I also picked up one of their adorable travel mugs for the office. They sell these cheaply to make sure their coffee store is waste free, as they do not serve single use paper cups. Top eco points, Spectrum!

The Photo Ops


It almost goes without saying, but the gorgeous store makes for the best photo opportunities.

I dare you to go in and not snap away.

My favourite backdrop is on this plush pink sofa and under the neon sign in the coffee shop.

The Location


Carnaby Street is a great shopping destination in London, especially for the beauty lover.

Carnaby Street has an Urban Decay, Benefit, Cowshead, MAC, Pixi and Too Faced individual stores.

It’s also round the corner from Liberty and it’s intensely luxe beauty hall and also a stones throw away from Oxford Street and Selfridges.


Let me know if the comments if you’ve been to the Spectrum Store and which other beauty stores you’d recommend we all visit!



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