Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation -Is it worth the hype?



For those of you who read my last Empties Post, you’d know that the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define is one of my favourite concealer.


So when I saw on Instagram that they would be releasing a foundation in the same range, I was pretty excited and knew I had to get my hands on it!

As first impressions go, I would say that this felt very thick on the skin. I know it’s a full coverage foundation, but it felt particular heavy. I’m normally a full coverage girl, with Double Wear being my favourite, but this felt worse and almost uncomfortable to wear.

Saying that, the foundation does look flawless upon application. It covered fully with 2 layers and seemed to blur the texture of the skin nicely.

After wearing this through a 8 hour shift and a bit of a stress cry, this is the outcome –



As you can see, the foundation didn’t last well on the skin, settled into dry areas. I felt as if this made my skin produce more oil than normal too, which may explain why this looks so separated after a long wear.


The next day, I decided to give Conceal and Define another go. I managed to get a freshly applied photo, so you can see how flawless it looks to start with and how well it photographs. It doesn’t quite cover my few freaks, but the coverage is still pretty decent.


By the end of the day, my skin looked a lot more tired. Most of the coverage had gone and again, the foundation had settled in dry patched between my brows and around my eyes and nose.

So would I recommend this foundation?

For most people, I would not recommend using Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation. Unless, you would be using this for a short event, to get the benefits of the initial effects and want to look good in photos. I can’t recommend for any skin types, as it clings to dry skin and separates with oily skin.  If you are lucky to have normal skin, with neither concerns, then this could be a great budget foundation for you.

I’ve tried Makeup Revolutions Fast Base Stick Foundation and much preferred the formula and wear of that foundation. I would highly recommend the Fast Base if you are looking for a budget foundation for dry or oily skin.





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