Product Empties | July 2018

  Empties really don't need much of an introduction. These are products that I have used to full completion, which means I can do a fully informed review for you. Makeup Benefit Hello Happy Foundation This is only a sample, single use sachet, but from what I tried, it's very nice. It is blurring, as … Continue reading Product Empties | July 2018


Latest In Beauty Boxes – A Review

  I've been keeping an eye on Latest In Beauty for a while. I'm sick of most beauty box subscription boxes, as I feel like most of them are repetitive and aren't really worth the money. I've grown to know that it's better to buy a product I really want than to receive a box … Continue reading Latest In Beauty Boxes – A Review

Why Should I Be Using A Face Oil or An Oil Rich Serum?

I know what you're thinking - "Great, another step to add to my expanding routine!" Please hear me out. If you're a dry skinned individual, a facial oil could be the perfect addition to help retain moisture and nourish your skin. If you're more of an oily/combination individual, retaining moisture in the skin is still … Continue reading Why Should I Be Using A Face Oil or An Oil Rich Serum?

Pestle & Mortar | New in Birmingham

Pestle and Mortar Skincare is a brand that likes to boast about it's ingredients. They keep everything Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Sulphate, Propylene Glycol and Synthetic free, so these would be great for sensitive skin that is easily irritated. They are also Cruelty Free and Vegan. Pestle and Mortar have just launched there products in … Continue reading Pestle & Mortar | New in Birmingham

Lay Your Foundations – Skincare for Dry Skin

Over the last year, skincare has become a huge part of my life. It's a personal passion, interest and has also become a part of my career, as I work for a dermatology clinic. Seeing first hand what effect a good routine and improved skin can do for people's wellbeing and confidence is truly great. … Continue reading Lay Your Foundations – Skincare for Dry Skin