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Pinterest Picks May 2017

As a avid Pinterest lover, I have decided to create a new feature on the blog. This will include some picks from Pinterest in different categories – Looks, Beauty Products, Lifestyle, Books and Fashion Looks – Loving this doe eye look. Easy to achieve with some scissors, some thick lashes and a good liner. Widens… Continue reading Pinterest Picks May 2017

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Teas to Relax a Busy Mind

Meeting with a close friend, she offered to meet in a small shop in Lyndhurst, UK called Tea Total. As coffee drinker who had zero experience with loose leaf teas, I had low expectations. I was also going through a very rough patch post bipolar diagnosis and studying for my degree, so even getting out… Continue reading Teas to Relax a Busy Mind

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Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much Ashley, writer of The Product Mom, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. It’s really kind of you and I’m glad you enjoy my content. So please go and check out this lovely ladies blog and show her some love Here are the rules if you are nominated: – Thank… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

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2017 Project Pan

Now I’ll be the first to admit I have a makeup collection problem. This year has also been a bit tight for money. So in order to justify buying new things to review, this year I’ll be embarking in my first project pan. This is mainly inspired buy the fact that my Z-Palette is currently… Continue reading 2017 Project Pan

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World Mental Health Day

I’ve always been quite open about my mental struggles here on my blog and Instagram page. The main reason for that is because I actually started both up as a recommendation from my old counsellor. I told her how much makeup artistry helped me in a time where I couldn’t get pleasure from much else.… Continue reading World Mental Health Day