Phase Zero B.Y.O.P & Single Eyeshadows

For those of you who saw my post showing Phase Zero’s beautiful lip collection, there’s more!

Love Me Beauty’s exclusive range, Phase Zero Makeup, has released B.Y.O.P – short from Bring Your Own Pan. As the name suggests, it’s a magnetic custom palette with a selection of their own single pan eyeshadow to fill it. The shadows can be bought in both singularly and in colour collections of 6 pans.


The magnetic palette itself is compact and pretty, with holographic stripes. It feels sturdy and strong enough in it’s clasp to stay closed while traveling. I prefer to use this when travelling to my large Z-Palette, as it is smaller and the magnetism of the palette is stronger, meaning my pans don’t dislodge like they do in my Z-Palette.

Here are the shades they sent me. Starting from the top left –


Snowball, Bright Light, Banana Beige, Nude Newbie, Pearl, Cashmere, Cocoa, Warm Taupe, Velvet, Mush-A-Boom, Coffee Cup and Party Dress.




My swatches are also in the same above order.

As you can see, most of their single pan eyeshadows are pretty wearable, which means I’ll get good use out of them. I’d really love to see Phase Zero bring out some more daring colours and shifts.

I do think that these have great pigmentation and are incredibly buttery and blendable, which is great for affordable shadows. They surpass the quality of most drugstore shadows I’ve tried.

My main criticism, aside from a lack of daring shades, is that the pattern on the palette wears really quickly. I’ve has this a few weeks and you can see it fading on the side already.

I’ve included some pictures below of a look a created with my palette.

If you are interested in either the palette, single pans or lip range, feel free to hop on their website. If you use my promo code ‘LAURAD5’, you get £5 off your first order.

DISCLAIMER – My code is affiliated and these products were sent to me for review purposes, but opinions are honest and I wouldn’t recommend or affiliate with a product that I didn’t like.


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