Pestle & Mortar | New in Birmingham

Pestle and Mortar Skincare is a brand that likes to boast about it’s ingredients. They keep everything Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Sulphate, Propylene Glycol and Synthetic free, so these would be great for sensitive skin that is easily irritated. They are also Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Pestle and Mortar have just launched there products in Harvey Nichols in Birmingham, which gives you an idea of the quality of this range. To help celebrate there new partnership with the luxury store, they sent me over some of the range to try and review.

From first impressions, the packaging is very sleek, simplistic and heavy. The perfect addition to a fancy shelfie.


My favourite part of skincare regime is a double cleanse. I like to wear heavy foundation and base, so there is nothing more satisfying then getting rid of it all and letting my skin breathe.


As my first cleanse, I tried the Erase Balm Cleanser, which a light oil based balm. It melts into the skin nicely and quickly broke down my makeup, including my waterproof mascara. The ingredients include 7 different types of natural oil.


Then to make sure the skin is fully cleansed, I used the Renew Cleanser. This gel cleanser is targeted to brighten and hydrate the skin with Superoxide, which naturally occurs in the body to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and Papaya and Mango Enzymes. With all the fruit based ingredients and oils, this smell incredible and spa-like. It left my skin with no trace of makeup or dirt and feeling smooth, not stripped.


To aid the cleanse, I used Pestle and Mortar’s own Cleansing Cloth. Ever since I starting reading Caroline Hiron’s blog (specifically her Routine Cheat Sheet) way back in 2013, I’ve been a religious flannel user and never really been a muslin girl. This cleansing cloth has fully converted me. It’s one side muslin, for your first cleanse, and then smooth cotton on the other side, for your second cleanse. The proof was really in the pudding, because I could see everything come off my skin on this cloth. It was gentle on the skin. I will be purchasing more of these cloths when I’m next in the city.


The last product I tried for the brand is their Recover Eye Cream, which is packed with collagen and natural smoothing ingredients. This really packs hydration for such a light formula. I do like to be careful with heavy creams, as I have had Milia under my eyes before, but I don’t worry about that with this cream. My only stipulation is that it meant to be suitable for morning and night use. I find it does take a while to fully sink into the skin, which is lovely in the evening, but a pain when your rushing in the morning.


I’ve got to say, my skin looks very healthy and hydrated since I’ve been using these products on a regular routine and I’ve noticed a visible difference in fine lines under my eyes.

If you are local to Birmingham, pop into Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox and check Pestle and Mortar out. If you’re not local, then  you can have a gander on the Harvey Nichols website.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts? If no, what your favourite skincare step?


Disclosure – I was sent these to try for PR. But as always, I’m staying honest and thoughts are my own.


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