Negative Space Valentine’s Look

Got some Valentine’s/Gal-entine’s plans this year or want to rock a killer look you want to rock while treating yourself at home?

I’ll be showing you how to create a unique negative space tutorial, just in time.


This look involves a bit of prep. You will either need to purchase/acquire some heart shaped confetti/table sprinklers or create small cardboard hearts. This are to use as a template for your negative space heart. I bought my heart confetti from Ebay here, for 99p. which arrived within 2 days.

Firstly, you need to paint your canvas.


To do so, I primed using Benefit Professional Pearl for a inner glow and Urban Decay Primer Potion for bright and long-lasting eyeshadow wear.

For foundation, I returned to an old, reliable favourite, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. This is a great pick, as it will last on the skin, cover everything and create a flattering airbrushed effect.

To add a bit of colour and dimension, I contoured with the Benefit Hoola bronzer, so a natural chiseled look. On the apples of my cheeks, I dabbed and blended a few drops of Benefit Benetint, for an authentic just-kissed blush and highlighted a high points of my face with Benefit High Beam. This post isn’t affiliated with Benefit Cosmetics, I just find they have very flattering, natural appearing base products!


Once your skin is looking prepped and perfect, focus on your brows, to create frame and structure to your look.

To sculpt my brow shape, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, applying more product and pressure on the outer ends of the brow and using a lighter hand with excess product on the inner end of the brow. Creating a gradient for your brows like this will allow you to create bold, shaped brows without looking too heavy or artificial. For an even more natural brow, use Benefit 3D Browtones. This product will highlight individual brow hairs, to exaggerate texture to boost a flat, drawn brow. 3D Browtones, is one of my favourite unsung product heroes, albeit slightly extra in most people’s routines..

I then set my brow with a light hold Pixi Brow Tamer, to keep everything in place.

To create your negative space heart, use some lash glue to attach your confetti piece to the top outer corner of the brow bone. This will keep the area clear of shadow.


Now you can move onto the colour!

For eye looks my favourite brushes are my Spectrum Brushes from the Glam Clam collection.

For your crease, you will have to use a dark colour to help that negative space heart stand out. I used my Lime Crime Venus Palette with the shade Muse. Make sure to blend  this well up to the brow bone and onto the lids.

Then cut your crease, by applying concealer on a fluid line and flick on the out edge with an angled brush and blend this over your eyelid until you have a nice blank canvas on the eyelid, as seen below. My favourite full coverage concealer for this is the Collection Lasting Perfection.


Once your concealer has set, I used a dark pink colour from my Makeup Revolution Chocolate Love palette over the inner half of my lid and then the lighter pink iridescent  shade on the outer half, following the line of the cut crease flick. Blend these two shades together softly. Then take again, that light pink iridescent shade and pop it in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow for a bit of highlight.


To complete your look, liner your eyes with a long wing. I used my favourite Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner, and apply mascara or lashes, I used my new Benefit BadGal Bang mascara  (review in link). Line your water line with a light pink eyeliner such as Marc Jacobs Highliner in Pink Of Me (review in link) And apply your favorite kissable liquid lipstick. I chose Jeffree Star’s Androgyny to keep with the warm tones, without overpowering the statement eyes.

Fix everything in place with a setting spray. I like the Collection Primed and Ready Setting spray, which unfortunately now seems to be discontinued.

Finally remove your heart confetti with a pair of tweezers to reveal your negative space!


Let me know how you get on and send me your looks and what your plans are this Valentine’s!


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