BadGal Bang – Is it worth the hype?

For the last few weeks Benefit Cosmetics have teasing a new launch, promising to be “#OutOfThisWorld”.


Their US Official Instagram deleted their whole feed to rebrand to a space age aesthetic, ready for the launch. They also had women in pink space suits roaming the streets of London. They had a countdown on their website, and to top it off, they paid for a few lucky well-known bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers to fly out to the Maldives and Utah for an extended release party and for last nights reveal. All in all, a very expensive PR campaign.

Considering this, I was pretty hyped. I’m a fan of Benefit Cosmetics. I like space themed makeup. I was damn impressed for their huge brow launch and was expecting this to be on par. I was expecting space age glow and a lot of it in different forms.

When I watched the stream to hear it was just one black mascara, I was slightly mad. Going by the reactions across social media, I wasn’t the only one. To top it off the live stream of the launch was intensely cringe-worth and unnecessary.


However, I know Benefit are a dab hand at mascara formulas. Despite They’re Real mascara not being my favourite, it has won numerous awards and claims to be the worlds best selling mascara – so I can’t argue with that. Secondly, Rollerlash was also a hit seller for Benefit and a fond choice of my own.

I’ve decided to ignore my PR induced disappointment, I decided to give BadGal Bang mascara a try. I went in sceptical.

I hate to admit it, but it looks as if the formula is not disappointing at all.

The brush is flexible and thin which is perfect for catching every lash and my god does it lift.

Here’s a photo of one side wearing BadGal Bang and the other wearing no mascara. I love it.


For me, a glasses wearer, it’s fantastic. It gives me the look of wearing falsies, without having the pain of them scraping my glasses as I blink (It’s not pretty, so I never bother and occasionally opt to be slightly blind for the sake of a great lash look. No shame.)

All in all, I do not believe it is worth the hype. Purely because the hype was ridiculous and created with a damn expensive campaign which had everyone daydreaming of bigger things and something more creative. However, if I take that out of the equation, this is a phenomenal mascara and it has gone straight to the top of my favourite mascara list. It’s definitely a hit for me.

Have you tried the new mascara yet? If so, what are your thoughts and what did you think of the launch campaign?


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