Lay Your Foundations – Skincare for Dry Skin

Over the last year, skincare has become a huge part of my life.

It’s a personal passion, interest and has also become a part of my career, as I work for a dermatology clinic. Seeing first hand what effect a good routine and improved skin can do for people’s wellbeing and confidence is truly great.


I’ve always had oily skin and became well versed in managing my oiliness and any associated congestion and spots.

However, things change. Skin changes, ages, environmental factors vary and hormones fluctuate. 2017 bought me the unwanted gift of dry skin and I was pretty upset when my favourite foundations started flaking and concealers sucked moisture out of my under eyes, exposing fine lines.

But, this is something that can be managed.

My new best friend has become oils and serums, which were never apart of my daily routine.

I ditched my gel and foaming cleansers and put my hands in the Body Shop Camomile range, which has been shouted from the rooftops about. I purchased the oil cleanser, the cleansing butter (oil based solid) and the eye makeup remover. I would fully recommend going to a Body Shop outlet if you want to try these, as they sell all 3 in a discounted bundle deal, with added discount if you purchase other products along side of up to 40% off the RRP from their regular stores. I got mine from Resorts World in Birmingham, UK.


These 3 products remove any makeup with ease and leave my skin feeling nourished and glowing, rather than stripped. I saw noticeable difference in my skin after about 3 days of use, so it’s safe to say I’ll be sticking to these.

After cleansing, you’re going to want to lock in some moisture. I’ll use either a anti-aging or a hyaluronic acid based serum to start the process. Hyaluronic acid (or Sodium Hyaluronate which is a smaller, more penetrable molecule) is a fantastic ingredient as it is effective at moisture bonding, as it can hold up to 1000 it’s own weight in moisture and is naturally occurring in the skin too. It’s also the key ingredient in fillers, which is what causes the plump effect. My favourite serums with this ingredient are the Indeed Labs Hydraluron, which I’ve demolished 2 tubes of, and the Lancome Genefique serum, which I’ve hoarded about 4 different size sample tubes and sachets of.


Then once I’ve prepped the moisturising process, I go in with some rich moisturisers. My favourite for the eye area is Benefit It’s Potent eye cream, which brightens up the eye area and makes a great base for products.

My favourite overall facial moisturise, which I use at night is the Indeed Labs Fillume, which makes my face look plumper and more healthy.


Then in the mornings I switch my traditional moisturiser for a moisturising SPF. This is an important step for anyone of any skin type, as skin exposure is the top cause of skin ageing, so why not protect yourself and be proactive?  I love the Sk:n Restore and Protect SPF 30, which as a disclaimer, was given to me by the company for personal use, as I am an employee, but I wouldn’t use it or recommend it if it wasn’t effective . This sunscreen is very hydrating and doesn’t leave any tackiness or white-cast often associated with sunscreens.

Let me know in the comments which skin care products have been a game changer to you? Have you noticed any changes in your skin type and what did you do to combat them?


2 thoughts on “Lay Your Foundations – Skincare for Dry Skin

    1. Wish I’d been taught earlier too! Luckily I’m okay with my face but I used to be horrendous with back and chest spots, so got lots of scarring there, which I wish I could have stopped myself doing! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂


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