How To Use A Beauty Blender For The First Time

Shock horror! A girl who has been blogging, vlogging and instagramming on beauty for the last year and she has never yet used a beauty blender… until today that is!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve become so accustomed to using a brush, the thought to using a damp little sponge seemed quite daunting. I’m a creature of routine.

After watching many a Youtube and Instagram tutorial, I had a rough idea of what to do. I just needed to chuck myself in.

blender 1.jpg

My weapons of choice –

  • The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – notorious for being full coverage and drying quickly. A true test.

As I started to use the dampened sponge to apply, I noticed the usually heavy coverage was a lot sheerer than usual and the product didn’t sink into my pores as badly as it usually does.

At first the sheerness bothered me as I had to put on another layer to get the full coverage effect that I’ve grown to love. I thought that this would be a dud and I’d be forever out of the loop with blenders. Maybe I would grab this after using a brush as a quick last blend.

However after finishing up my look. I noticed that my skin looked more alive, less of a mask of product and more of a my-skin-by-much-less-blemished. I think I’ve created a beautiful balance of coverage with a natural texture, which I thought I was creating with a brush. I was quite wrong and see the light now.


I’m so impressed and don’t know why I never turned to blending sponges earlier. 10/10 will be using again.

What’s your more impressive beauty find? What’s your experience using brushes vs blenders? Let me know!


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