Pinterest Picks May 2017

As a avid Pinterest lover, I have decided to create a new feature on the blog. This will include some picks from Pinterest in different categories – Looks, Beauty Products, Lifestyle, Books and Fashion

Looks –

Loving this doe eye look. Easy to achieve with some scissors, some thick lashes and a good liner. Widens the the eye, making them the focus, which paired with a flawless base looks simplistic and perfect. Also enjoying the silver ear which is subtle but cute with her pixie cut.

Beauty Products –

Been wanting to try the Milk Blur Stuck for a while now. Anything that makes my base look smooth is a winner for me, as I’ve been blessed with large, noticeable pores. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this!

I could not scroll past these beauties on my Instafeed. My feminist side and love of makeup screamed internally. I love everything WonderWoman stands for and think these are a gorgeous design.



Book –

Fashion –


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