Teas to Relax a Busy Mind


Meeting with a close friend, she offered to meet in a small shop in Lyndhurst, UK called Tea Total. As coffee drinker who had zero experience with loose leaf teas, I had low expectations. I was also going through a very rough patch post bipolar diagnosis and studying for my degree, so even getting out of the house at this point felt like a near-impossible task.

When I arrive I ordered a Chocolate flavoured Black Tea. When they arrived with the order, they placed a small see through chamber on my table with a little timer preset to the teas optimum brew time. I was pretty intrigued as a watched the loose tea spin around said chamber. There was something about this tea shop filled with loose leaves and a tea aroma that made me feel calm and safe.


Turns out the little tea chamber is Adagio Tea’s IngenuiTEA. You brew the tea inside and then there is a valve on the bottom so when you put it over your cup it release the brewed tea while keeping the leaves inside.


As soon as a got home I raved about my first tea experience with my other half who ended up buying my my own IngenuiTEA as a gift.

Since then I’ve found tea to be a great calming substitute for coffee that keeps me calmer when high from mania or anxious through depression. There are many different ingredients that have a long history of being known for there calming effects.


My favourite set from Adagio is the Day and Night gift set. Three little pretty tins, each containing teas for different times of the day. The Jump Start morning blend is a black caffeinated tea with cocoa and cinnamon, for a spice laced wake up. The Day Dream blend has been my work tea choice as it is a great pick me up for the afternoon. Then the 40 Winks blend with lavender and camomile which (along with some strong meds) helps me wind down at the end of the day despite any worries that are floating round my head.


I also enjoy their Foxtrot herbal tea which has a lovely soothing flavour of Camomile and Peppermint which both have calming properties both mentally and physically. Sometimes I switch to this one as a my post-bed tea if I’m feeling particularly bloated.

I would also recommend the Rooibos Vanilla Chai to tea beginners as it is a very pleasant light spice flavouring and gorgeous with a little splash of milk too.

I would fulling recommend tea and herbal remedies to help with mental health relief. It’s a natural way to help soothe the mind. All I would say is if you are new to loose teas then ease yourself into the flavours first with the lighter tastes and you’ll be enjoying the stronger ones in no time.

Disclaimer – I was sent these teas and IngenuiTEA to review by Adagio Teas. However I still have my old IngenuitTEA and have been enjoying their teas for a long time without endorsement. All opinion are my own.


8 thoughts on “Teas to Relax a Busy Mind

    1. Thank you so much. I do feel so much better since swotting up on teas and ingredients! If you’re in the UK I’ve got a giveaway on my Instagram giving away a set of everything here in this post and a few makeup goodies too ๐Ÿ™‚


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