Laura tries…Pinterest Lip Art

Lip art. Always beautiful. Mostly intricate. Never functional. The latter reason is why I’ve never got into lip art. Although I do often wear more abstract looks, I’m a big advocate for wearing my looks out and about. Saying that, I am also a big advocate of eating and hot drinks. So, I prefer to sport a lip that I can easily fix up in public.

Saying that, I often find myself on Pinterest lusting over said beautiful and intricate lip art.

So I bit my under experienced mua tongue and picked out three lip art photos from my Pins and gave them a go. Here’s the results

The Good

I love this bled look.


I love how this came out. Due to the gradient, I didn’t have to worry about how I positioning the colours, as long as they were well blended.

On a level of difficultly, I’d say it’s a 3/10 – achievable with a good foundation, concealer and 3 similarly toned liquid lipsticks.

The Not So Bad

I took inspiration from this gorgeous pixelated look.











I like how it came out. I decided to use Jeffree Star’s Weirdo, instead of  metallics, as I thought it would be a bit more forgiving However this was my 2nd attempt which cost me about an hour of time. Great in photos, so it would be perfect for an editorial or runway look. The hardest thing about this was making the squares equal in size – precision brushes were key!

I would give this an 8/10 for difficultly, but it was worth the added time and work.

The Downright Ugly


Lastly, I tried something slightly harder – marble effect.


Yeah, I know.

I found this difficult as I found I was making the lines too deliberate and there was an art to the blurring that I just struggled to master. Saying that I did persist and made a design that was passable. Then I noticed there is gloss over the design.

That was my biggest mistake.

As I sit there gingerly dabbing lipgloss over my bright blue marble lips. The whole design starts to bleed out. Yep. Good job, girl.

This was definitely the hardest design so I’m giving it a 9.5/10. Attempt with care and cautions.


So although I won’t be wearing lip art on my day to day, I’m going to be braver about creating them for my Instagram.

I want to see you’re attempts too!

Laura a.k.a ThinLinerTherapy

p.s. If anyone knows any of the original artist of the pins, please let me know so I can credit them!


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